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Mobile Coupons, Polls, Surveys and More – Focus the Attention of Your Customers

If you are involved in online marketing, one of the big draws was likely how ubiquitous the use of the internet and social media is among your client base.  However, the massive success and rise in popularity of social networks and marketing campaigns attempting to use them have made it more difficult than ever to effectively enact a coherent strategy, and keep it going over time.

One of the biggest obstacles to effectively using QR in a modern marketing campaign is the amount of configuration and administration a campaign can take.  Every individual promotion can have many moving parts; if you use coupons, polls, or surveys you have to make sure that you are constantly updating the content, and doing so in a way that gradually funnels your customers towards actually making sales.

This can be a major headache from an administrative point of view; one simple error in your sales chain can result in large percentages of your traffic being re-routed to incorrect pages or destinations, which will result in lost revenues.

That’s where a product like the Business Marketer plan from Hipscan can come in and save the day.

You see, Hipscan focuses on presenting a single, unified platform that enables you to tweak and adjust individual aspects of a mobile QR marketing campaign all from one easy-to-use dashboard.  You won’t have to remember five or six different individual login credentials, or worry about how your coupons are distributed to your customers; Hipscan takes care of all this for you.

In fact, through their powerful, streamlined interface, you will be able to directly control every ad and interaction you have with your customers.  Your coupons and special offers will find their way into the hands of those most likely to use them.  Your surveys will help you to determine market and preference data which should allow you to increase your efficiency.

So why not try Hipscan QR Marketing today, and see if it is a good fit for your business?  There is a free-trial available of all of their programs (and their Business Marketer plan is only $19 per month, an absolute steal) and they even have a long-term free plan that just delivers the basics, if you’re not quite ready to take the full plunge into the world of QR.

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