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5 Tips to Improve QR Code Campaigns

QR Code-Provider Hipscan Launches Mobile Website Design Services

07.26.2011– As marketing professionals continue to increase mobile marketing spending, QR Codes are getting a second glance, particularly from businesses seeking to connect the physical and digital worlds. QR Code provider Hipscan – the first provider to offer codes in multiple colors – is launching mobile-website design and development services to help start-ups, small businesses and nonprofits improve QR Code effectiveness.

“When someone uses their phone to scan a QR Code, where are you sending them? One of the biggest mistakes we see happens when companies don’t direct QR Codes to mobile-friendly sites,” explained Bobby Marhamat, founder and CEO of Hipscan. “QR Codes are far more effective when the final destination is designed for viewing on a phone screen.”

Now, there’s now an affordable, simple way for small businesses to get more out of QR code campaigns. Hipscan can help an organization create a custom QR Code, as well as a corresponding mobile-friendly website. Hipscan also offers video production services and custom graphics. Contact Hipscan for special introductory prices.

According to recent data, 52% of individuals surveyed in 2010 had heard of or seen QR codes and 28% had scanned them. From July 2010 to December 2010, QR Code scanning increased 1200%. How can companies ensure a scan leads to the desired outcomes?

5 QR Code Best Practices

In addition to optimizing QR Code landing pages for mobile viewing, here are five additional best practices, based on experiences with Hipscan customers.

  • Always choose dark colors for your QR Code. To improve scanner readability, the code must have enough contrast, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to black and white. Colors like red, green or purple are perfectly acceptable. 
  • Include how-to advice. QR Codes are a relatively new technology in the United States. Someone who sees the code may not know what to do next. Explain to the user where and how to get a free scanner app.
  • Use a short URL with QR redirects. These URLs are easier to implement within your code and will improve readability for lower quality cameras and apps. 
  • Provide valuable content. QR Codes should link users to a useful, valuable, interactive or entertaining content. Coupons, behind-the-scenes video, how-to advice, contact information or a sign-up form are all examples of meaningful content. Create a custom landing page … don’t just link someone to your main homepage.
  • Experiment with QR Code placements. Make print advertisements interactive. Incorporate into PowerPoint presentations to provide background information. Embed into YouTube videos or commercials. Add to shopping bags, store-front windows, direct mail, receipts, name tags, tradeshow displays – the list could go on and on.
More About Hipscan’s Professional Services
  • Custom Videos – Leverage the power of video to convey your brand’s story. In just 10 days, Hipscan can create a professional quality, one-of-a-kind marketing video, which you can reveal in a QR Code campaign. 
  • Mobile Website – This solution optimizes the landing page behind the QR code to the customer’s smartphone or mobile device, offering immediate access. Within 48 hours, Hipscan will adapt websites so that they are mobile friendly.
  • Graphic Design – By taking advantage of Hipscan’s graphic design services, QR Codes can be printed on any type of promotional materials, including flyers, signage, stickers, t-shirts and more.

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